Love Running and Ice Cream?

I sure do! That’s why this is one of my all time favorite commercials. Not to mention I’m an advertising major so it’s right up my alley. I’m a sucker for cute, sappy stories and this Nike Free commercial paints a perfect love story in 2 minutes. Check it out!

The Color Run Columbus


I had the amazing, colorful opportunity to run in The Color Run in Columbus, Ohio this weekend! Thousands of people showed up for the much anticipated race dressed in everything from tutus to tube socks to wigs. I ran the race with 3 of my friends from Ohio University and we had an absolute blast. 

If you’ve never heard of The Color Run here’s a brief explanation: You show up in a clean white shirt ready to run or walk a 5k! Every kilometer you run you get a different colored powder thrown at you and by the finish line you’re one big rainbow! 

I’ll let my photos of the event tell the rest of the story!


Before the race



Color Throw at the Finish Line!


Post Color Run 🙂


It was a beautiful summer day in downtown Columbus for the Jazz and Ribs Fest!

I had such a blast doing this and I encourage anyone who loves running or walking and loves to have fun to find a Color Run race near you! They travel all around the country so check out the link below to see if a race is coming to your town!



Beatin’ the Heat

It was a scorcher today and the house I’m staying in doesn’t have A/C AND my room’s on the 3rd floor. Let’s just say I’m nice and toasty. But hey, rather be hot than cold.

Since it was 95 degrees, my roommates and I decided to go on a run. A run up and down the hills on Mount Washington. We ran a total of 4.5 miles and the last leg was uphill. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything so challenging in my life. Although challenging, it was also rewarding and gave me permission to indulge in my weakness: ICE CREAM!


We visited a small, hometown ice cream shop on the SouthSide. I was really excited because I miss my hometown ice cream shop and this place might be my temporary summer ice cream go-to. I enjoyed a Reese’s cup flurry. You can never go wrong!