Fitness and Foodie Websites

-Track all the calories you eat and burn through exercise. This site has been such a help and allowed me to realize how much junk I was eating!

-Healthy alternative recipes, workout tips, etc. Sometimes I feature her recipes on my blog 🙂

-I encourage everyone to learn about Kashi products, buy them and eat them! I love their cereal especially Kashi Go Lean! Toasted Crumble. What’s your favorite?

-I also follow them on Twitter at @weightloss and they post interesting content daily usually in list/picture format. One of my faves!

-I could browse the healthy recipes on this website for hours. Sadly, I am stuck in a dorm room with nothing more than a microwave and toaster (which is illegal 😉 ) Can’t wait for my apartment next year.

-Inspiring and helpful articles related to improving your overall “self” confidence

-Everything from weight loss to beauty tips to your sex life, Women’s Health has everything you need for a healthy lifestyle.

-Tons of great low-fat recipes! Oh, how I wish I had a full kitchen 😦


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