The Case of the Floating Nike Flyknit’s

As I waded through my dark, damp (very damp), apartment with my roommate and a kind neighbor, I was pleasantly surprised to find my beloved Nike running shoes floating on top of the water in my flooded bedroom. I picked them up and they were bone dry. 

You might be asking yourself why my shoes were FLOATING in the first place. Well, I moved into my new apartment on a Saturday. I moved out of my new and very wet apartment on a Tuesday. That Tuesday was also my second day of work at the Ronald McDonald House! 

This is why I moved out: (to an apartment on the UPPER level!)

flood room columbus

My room after the flood

flood living room

My living room and kitchen after the flood

I was able to salvage most of the belongings in my room except for my mattress and bed frame. My roommate’s mom did countless loads of laundry to take the smell out of my roommate and I’s wet clothes and sheets. The bottom drawer of my dresser was pretty well saturated but for now, it’s cleaned and still opens. It eventually will need replaced. 

My roommate and I got rid of most of our food and the living room couch was destroyed. Other than that, we salvaged all our kitchen gadgets, including my new stand mixer! Phew!

The incident occurred around 6pm on a Tuesday evening. I was relaxing in my room on my computer when everything happened. My roommate was still on her way home. I first noticed the rain when I looked out my window and saw my poor, BRAND NEW car getting pelted. I snapped a photo planning on sending it to my family. Shortly after that, I heard water running. I thought it was just my roommate using the sink. Much to my dismay, it was water gushing into my apartment through the cracks in the door. My first thought was to stuff towels under my door so the water didn’t get into my room. That thought escaped me fast as I realized the water wasn’t stopping anytime soon. I quickly grabbed my purse, bookbag and laptop, closed my roommate’s door and headed toward the exit. I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t budge. The water pressure was so forceful it probably would have knocked me on my butt anyways! 

The water level up against my door

The water level up against my door

Next thought, I’ll jump out of the window. Next thought, there’s a screen on the window. Final thought, I’ll break it because I’m going to drown. So, that’s what I did. I shoved my purse and bookbag out and lifted myself up out of my living room window. 








The street looked like this when I stepped outside: 

flood street

Notice my Honda Civic, the water only inches from leaking into my door! I was more worried about my new car than anything in my apartment. 

Fast forward. The fire trucks arrived and were able to calm the water rushing down the street. I was also able to get my car onto dry land. Several other apartments were affected so the whole neighborhood was out trying to figure out the situation. The water level finally lowered and my roommate and I were able to wade through our flooded apartment to find anything we needed for overnight. Several residents who lived on the upper level helped us carry things to our cars. I was so thankful and overwhelmed by the support of the neighbors! My roommate and I ended up staying at a friend’s house before moving to a new apartment the next day. 

Looking back on the experience, finding those dry Nike Flyknit’s reminded me that no matter how bad you think a situation might be, there’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS something to learn and something positive to take from it. On that day, the simple fact that my running shoes were dry and clean made me happy. 

Now, I’m sitting in my clean, dry apartment on the upper level relaxing after a 3 mile run in my Nike Flyknit’s that once floated in the filthy water of my flooded room. 

clean room

My new, dry bedroom!

I also have a beautiful dry room and a comfy bed to sleep in thanks to my generous Aunt Ruth! I am so thankful for my friends, family, strangers, The American Red Cross, my co-workers and God for getting me through this tough experience that ultimately taught me a great lesson and humbled me.