Kickin’ the Bucket

NOT LITERALLY but today marks my LAST day in Sydney after 10 weeks experiencing this amazing place. I will officially be kickin’ the bucket from Australia and heading back to Ohio. Australia has taught me heaps about myself, other people and life in general.

Living abroad can be tough from finding your way around a foreign place to understanding slang and being away from loved ones for several months. That being said, it can be one of the most INCREDIBLE, LIFE-CHANGING experiences of your life! It was for me.

Just after I arrived, I created an Australia Bucket List that included all the things I wanted to do before I left. Well, here I am on the last day of my time abroad and my bucket list is BEYOND complete.

Enjoy my journey!

1. Play with a Kangaroo


Marked this one off on my second day here at a wildlife park in Cairns.

2. Pet a Koala


I pet a koala, held a koala and saw wild koalas! I really overdid myself on this one.

3. Visit Bondi Beach


One of the most beautiful beaches in the world if I must say so myself!

4. Visit the Opera House


I visited the Opera House and I visited it again and again and again. It’s truly a magical, icon!

5. See a play at the Opera House


I saw a modern interpretation of Romeo & Juliet (which I still couldn’t understand!) with all the other interns.

6. Climb/walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge


I walked on the bridge and ran across it during the Blackmores’ Sydney Running Festival!

7. Visit New Zealand


I traveled to Auckland, New Zealand. It was cold, rainy, sunny and windy all at the same time. This picture was taken atop Mt. Eden overlooking the city.

8. Have an Aussie barbie


Thanks to a family friend back home who grew up in Australia, I had dinner with two Aussie families and the traditional “shrimp on the barbie” with a lovely Melbourne couple.

9. Visit Melbourne and other cities


This was taken from the 88th floor of the tallest building in downtown Melbourne and the Southern Hemisphere! I also had the opportunity to visit Newcastle, Cairns and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

10. Take a boat ride on the Harbour


This is my friend Eden and I taking a ferry to Manly Beach. 360 degree views of the Harbour is pretty awesome.

11. Have dinner at the revolving restaurant


Although I didn’t have dinner due to the outrageous prices, a few interns and I had a $12 glass of wine as we made a complete circle around the city. It took about an hour and 30 minutes.

12. Visit Manly Beach


Visited Manly and saved a few lives. No biggie.

13. Eat Kangaroo Pizza at Australian Heritage Hotel


I ate kangaroo and EMU pizza. So yummy! Sorry cute, little kanga!

14. Eat at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels


This is me eating my meat pie with gravy and peas. Harry’s is an Australian icon and is a popular late-night drunk food establishment. It’s been around since the 1930’s depression years.

So that about wraps up my Australia Bucket List! There were two things I wrote down that I didn’t do…#1 Try to Surf and #2 Go to the Sydney Aquarium. I’m not devastated I didn’t accomplish these. Actually, I could have done both but chose not to. I thought I wanted to surf but after seeing how massive the waves here were and experiencing how cold the water was I decided it wasn’t for me. Plus, I hate salt water. I don’t know why I even wrote ‘visit the Sydney Aquarium’ on the list because I’m not all that fascinated by marine life and I can visit the aquarium back home.

I’m leaving Australia satisfied and with that I’m ready to symbolically “kick the bucket” back to the United States!


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