This Blog Post is LEGENDARY!

The other day, I yelled, “Bugger, I forgot to bring my cossie to the beach!”

I’ve obviously picked up on some Aussie slang and I could probably pass as a native now. Just kidding, I really said, “Oh, crap! I forgot to bring my bathing suit to the beach!”

With seven weeks under my belt, I have collected a decent list of Aussie slang I hear on a daily basis or read in magazines or books. Understand this, I’m living in Sydney, not the Outback so don’t be surprised if your favorite Aussie phrase didn’t make my list!

  1. Legendary: My co-workers say this often when they receive good news about a client. Apparently, some guy on How I Met Your Mother says this a lot too but definitely not as common in the States.
  2. Far Out!: My co-workers also say this when they receive bad news or when something’s unexplainable.
  3. I Reckon: I hear this everyday. I reckon I can’t get enough of it.
  4. Dodgy: another word for sketchy. This one’s my favorite!
  5. Arvo: afternoon
  6. Lollies: candy
  7. Sultanas: raisins (Raisin Bran is called Sultana Bran here) Image
  8. Aw, bugger!: Oh, crap!
  9. NMP: Not My Problem, our version of NBD
  10. Cossie: swimsuit
  11. Bloke: a man
  12. No, worries: If you say, “Thank You” to someone, their response is “No worries”. I want to say, “I wasn’t worrying” but I kindly resist!

I hope you enjoyed my list, mates! (BTW, people don’t use the word “mate” nearly as much as I expected)


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