My Mum Always Told Me…

“If you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!” These popular lyrics taken from Lee Ann Womack’s song, I Hope You Dance will forever remind me of the bond between me and my mom. Every time I accomplish a goal, set out on a new journey or take a big step in my life, my mom sends me the I Hope You Dance music video. Every time I watch it, I end up in tears just thinking about all the great memories, the triumphs, the struggles and the hard work that have gotten me to where I am today. 

Spending 10 weeks abroad in Australia is definitely a new journey so, of course, my mom sent me the music video. I don’t take every verse literally. Meaning you won’t literally find me breaking it down in the middle of the dance floor. Unless of course the cupid shuffle or the electric slide comes on! But if you’re asking me to dance with any sort of rhythm…count me out. 

I’ve officially been Australia for a month now and I’ve had many moments where I thought about Lee Ann Womack’s lyrics and decided not to sit it out. Instead, I got out on that dance floor and busted a move!

Sitting it out would be finishing my last semester at Ohio University and graduating early.

Dancing would be flying to Sydney, Australia for a 10 week internship and graduating in May.


Mom didn’t want me to go.


Sitting it out would be staying in the apartment on a Tuesday evening and going to bed early.

Dancing would be watching an American country singer, Alan Jackson live in Allphones Arena.


Sitting it out would be snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

Dancing would be scuba diving and having a total panic attack.


Sitting it out would be complaining about my internship.

Dancing would be learning to love it more and more everyday!

I got to take some free goodies home the other day!

Sitting it out would be reading my Bible alone without community.

Dancing would be finding a church and getting involved in a bible study.


C3 Church in Sydney

Sitting it out would be paying a $10 fine to get my keys out of my locked room.

Dancing would be climbing through my window instead.

Sitting it out would be eating this.


Dancing would be eating this.


Kangaroo meat!

Sitting it out would be spending a Sunday morning in bed.

Dancing would be participating in the Sydney Running Festival and running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Sitting it out would be spending every weekend in Sydney.

Dancing would be finding new places to explore.


Beautiful Bar Beach in Newcastle

Sitting it out would be sleeping in on workday mornings.

Dancing would be going for a run along the harbour.


My view every morning!

Everyday I find a new way to “dance”. A new way to experience wonder. A new way to open a door even if another closes. I encourage you to check out the music video and be inspired to always make the most out of every opportunity you have!

For your viewing pleasure!



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