Just a little lost girl in a BIG, BIG city

So I had the opportunity to pet kangaroos, take a picture with a koala, scuba at the Great Barrier Reef and take a picture next to the iconic Sydney Opera House. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of being a tourist in Australia. However, this past Monday it was time for me to start taking on the role of an intern, a very, very lost intern but an intern nonetheless. For the next  nine weeks I will be spending most of my time at Dani Lombard Public Relations. It’s a small boutique agency run by four GIRLS! Can you believe that?!  They specialize in health and beauty products that are sustainable and organic. I work Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5:30pm. And no I don’t get paid… Here’s a little look at how my first week interning went.

dlpr sign



Monday: I set out to catch the train around 8am and successfully got off at the right stop. However, I had very little success finding my bus stop and the right bus for that matter. I had no map and no access to Google Maps on my phone so I literally had no idea where I was besides the brief directions I wrote down on my notepad. I never could have imagined how hard Sydney’s public transport was going to be. I ended up missing my bus, calling up my work and then hopping on the next available bus. When I finally did catch the right bus, I got off on the wrong stop and ended up walking what seemed like five miles until I finally found Dani Lombard! I arrived 30 minutes late and sweaty but happy to finally be there! Australians are much more laidback in the workplace than in the US. Me arriving 30 minutes late received a “No worries at all” response from my co-workers. That morning I looked through different Aussie magazines and newspapers to get a feel for what they were like. Then I walked down the street with my supervisor Zoe and studied magazines at the news agency to see if any of their products made it into the magazines. If they did, we bought the magazine. Luckily, I had a short day at work and I was able to leave at noon to enjoy Balmoral beach just minutes from Dani Lombard!


Taking a selfie at Balmoral Beach in my work clothes

Tuesday: Thought I might have better luck with public transport. Nope, I nearly missed my bus in the morning and had to run it down. Apparently I wasn’t at a designated bus stop so the bus driver completely ignored me as I tapped on the door. I walked quickly alongside the bus with my pouty face on until he finally opened the door for me at a red light. People on that bus probably thought I was crazy! I had to run down my bus BUT I made it to work on time. I had so much fun at work this day. I met my co-worker Sam who gives me most of my tasks. She still goes to school and works at Dani Lombard two days a week. A majority of our day was spent dying sugar different colors! They have a green tea client and wanted to show the sugar content of their green tea compared to beverages like coke, Redbull, vitamin water, etc. I made two trips to the store for sugar, food coloring and more sugar. I also learned how to update their media list and format coverage they receive in magazines. All the coverage is stored in a nice little binder according to client. On the way home I got COMPLETELY lost after I got off the bus! I went to the nearest train station I saw and it ended up that none of the trains went to where I needed to go. Luckily, I asked a random guy on the street and he directed me to the right train station. It took me a good hour and a half to get home.

Wednesday: I got up at 6am for a run next to the bay. It’s just minutes from my place and absolutely beautiful. Hundreds of sailboats are docked up and gorgeous homes are nestled into the hillside overlooking the water. So glad I found this little gem! Did I tell you guys how active people in Australia are? I felt like a slacker getting up at 6am just to run because the park was filled with people running, sprinting, doing crunches, doing burpees, doing yoga. You name it, people were up and kicking butt at sunrise! I returned home to shower and eat breakfast. Once again, I got confused getting off the train. I ended up going in the wrong direction for quite a while and had to backtrack. Once I finally got to the bus stop I still caught the bus because it was late. A nice lady who knew the bus system helped me out. At least I have friendly Aussies to help when I’m walking around like a lost puppy! At work I finished labeling the test tubes from the sugar displays and filled them all with the colored sugar. It was neat to see the final product come together. I also learned how to send out products to different editors in hopes that they will put the product in their magazine. I also filed some media coverage into the appropriate client binder. My commute home was actually successful and I didn’t get lost. This gave me hope for a perfect commute the next day.


Rushcutters Bay Park where I run in the morning

Thursday: I got up and ran again and discovered that if you continued along the path you could see the Harbour bridge and much of the city. It was spectacular! Today was the day of public transport success! I boarded the train, exited the train station and found my bus stop flawlessly. My bus came and I ended up in Mosman (the suburb I work in) 30 minutes early. I had extra time to stop and get myself a vanilla latte. It was my little reward for finding my way! Today it was only me and my supervisor Zoe in the office. It was kind of nice and peaceful. I spent most of the day calling around different newspapers to see if they were planning on running a Christmas gift guide. If so, I had to take down their contact information and deadline. It was quite the learning experience. I wondered what they all thought hearing an American accent on the phone. For the most part, people were much nicer than they would have been in the US. I only got hung up on once! I also filed media coverage, formatted coverage, restocked shelves with product, organized product send-outs and booked a courier. They just come right to your home or office and hand deliver whatever you want! I had never heard of the concept of a courier before starting at Dani Lombard. Maybe I’m too young to understand? I also found head shots of beauty editors for an upcoming event and researched prices for a new vacuum since the company vacuum died. My commute home was also flawless!

By the end of the week, I absolutely loved my job and I finally started to figure out how to get there. Everyday I do something different and I learn something new at Dani Lombard. My co-workers are the nicest people in the world and it’s such a fun, laid back workplace. I can’t wait to see what week two has in store! Hopefully more successful commutes 🙂


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