Fun Facts about the Land of Oz

I know I’ve been posting almost everyday but there’s just been too much going on here within the past few days! I am super excited about this post because I’m sharing all the things I’ve learned about Australia so far. Through the GlobaLinks Bridging Cultures program and experiencing life here in Australia, I’ve learned some pretty cool, crazy and interesting facts! In the states, we speak English. In Australia, people speak English (with a bit of slang) but the two countries are still vastly different. Here’s a nice list of what I’ve learned so far.

1. Australia is roughly the same size as the US but has a population of 25 million compared to 314 million back home!

2. TV channels here are limited and most Australians don’t watch a lot of TV. 

3. Access to Internet is limited and SLOWER than in the States.

  • In the US almost every restaurant, hotel and business you walk into has FREE Wi-Fi available. Here, Wi-Fi is rarely free although more and more places are starting to offer it. 

4. Australia has limited centralized heating and air. 

  • The temperature of my room here is controlled by opening and closing the window. Thanks for training me well Mom! (Mum according to Aussies)

5. The minimum wage here is $16.37 per hour compared to the US at $7.25.

6. Prices are jacked up here!

  • A burger will cost you anywhere from 10-20 bucks. Entry into nightclubs average around $40. A beer costs at least 8 bucks. I bought a pair of sunglasses at Target for $20 but most of them cost 30-35. I got the same pair in the States for $10. This has been the biggest shock to me because I’m not getting paid a dime for the two months I’m here.

7. The cost of housing is absolutely absurd here. 

  • You can stay in a basic, one bedroom apartment for $600 a week here. That’s how much it costs for a month in the US.

8. Most things are smaller here.

  • A small coffee looks like a shot glass. The serving sizes are much smaller as well. Rooms are smaller. Homes are smaller. Waistlines are smaller.

9. Everyone in Australia receives FREE healthcare. 

  • One of the things I love most about this country is the active lifestyle that everyone lives. People are always running or making their way to yoga class here. 

10. Dryers aren’t very popular here. Most people just use a clothesline. 

11. You can take as much liquid and food as you want through airport security.

12. They use a different measuring system here.

  • Speed limit signs are km/h. Meat at the deli is measured in grams. During my first grocery trip I had to ask the butcher to convert it for me! They don’t use calories here. They use kilojoules. One calorie is equivalent to four kilojoules.

13. Right now, it gets dark at 6pm. 

14. Crocodiles only eat every THREE MONTHS! 

  • You’d think they eat a whole animal everyday but they only eat every few months and store up energy until the next feeding.

15. When the Queen of England visits Australia she becomes the Queen of Australia.

I think that about wraps up the fun facts I’ve learned about Australia so far. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learned something too!

Next up: Getting to know the GlobaLinks interns


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