Making My Dreams Come True



Once upon a time…I had a dream that I would travel to Australia. A dream that I might actually see a kangaroo in the down under. A dream that I could make a difference in another country. In just about a week, my dream will come true as I embark on a 10-week journey to Sydney, Australia. Taking Walt Disney’s advice, I had a BIG dream but I knew I had to DO something to make it a reality. Starting last January, I decided to pursue my dream of visiting Australia. It wasn’t easy. I went through months of conversations with study abroad advisors, financial aid advisors and academic advisors. Finally, everything began to take shape and somehow I convinced financial aid to support me in my endeavor. Now, here I am a week before I leave counting my blessings for this incredible opportunity. 

For some of you, you probably have no idea what I’m doing in Australia so let me fill you in. I will spend 10 weeks in Sydney, Australia doing an internship at Dani Lombard Public Relations. The company is a small agency with six female employees who work around one big table together. They pride themselves on sustainability and ethically responsible actions. They work with a wide range of clients from non-profit and health to beauty and travel. I will live in intern housing about an hour bus ride from my internship site. Apparently, there’s a beautiful beach just 5 minutes from Dani Lombard! My lunch breaks might be spent on the beach…everyday. You’re probably wondering what happened to going to school? Well, I actually had the opportunity to graduate from Ohio University a semester early. So, I will take this fall semester off and return to finish my degree in the spring. Now that you have a better understanding of what I’ll be doing down under, let’s check out how I’ll be getting there.



Above illustrates the path of my flight until I arrive in Cairns, Australia for an orientation program (I get to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef!!) I leave Monday, Sept 2nd from Detroit and then will land in Dallas, Texas a few hours later. Then, I board another plane for Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I meet fellow interns from around the country on a group flight through Quantas airlines. The flight from LA will take me to Sydney. But wait! I’m still not done flying. I then have to board another plane headed for Cairns for my orientation program. Phew, 24 hours in flying time and a 14 hour time change ahead of Detroit, I am FINALLY there! 

Some of the things I hope to accomplish while in Australia…

1. Meet new people

2. Meet a kangaroo/koala bear

3. Learn to surf

4. Master my public relations skills

5. Acquire a global perspective on the business world

6. Show the love of Christ to people in Australian

7. Travel, travel, travel!

8. Have an Australian Barbie

9. Learn slang

10. Learn more about myself

I will be updating this blog regularly as I begin my journey and experience new things. Please follow me and enjoy! Remember, your dreams are never too BIG!


2 thoughts on “Making My Dreams Come True

  1. God bless you in your travels and internship. Willie and I went to Australia last year – the people are friendly and outgoing. We went to several famous beaches that were glorious. What an opportunity – have fun be safe. As they say there, “No worries, mate!” Carrie Lee

    • Thank you Carrie! This place is already more than I could have imagined! I start my internship tomorrow (Monday) and can’t wait to see what that has in store! Keep reading to stay updated 🙂

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