My Last Days as a Brunner Intern


Thank-you card from the media team

Today was my going away breakfast at Brunner. The whole media team gathered together for bagels and donuts and they each took the time to write me a thank-you note. I also had my end of the year fall TV presentation and everything went really well. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my life! Below are a couple of paragraphs I put together as I reflected on my internship experience this summer in Pittsburgh.

My summer internship experience at Brunner was valuable, challenging, rewarding and frustrating at times. I interned in the media department, initially having an interest in pursuing a career in media. This internship challenged me to act in a professional way and taught me the importance of communicating to other employees effectively. As a media intern, I was presented with a variety of tasks from reaching out to client representatives to gather information to researching and putting together a presentation about upcoming fall television programming. In addition, I helped enter avails as part of the pre-buy process for Bob Evans, updated information on several excel spreadsheets,  collected and consolidated added value for Bob Evans television buys and organized intern visits to Pittsburgh area companies. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to numerous meetings where potential business partners came in to present their capabilities. Through the meetings, I was able to grow my knowledge of different types of technologies and platforms available to advertisers.

After spending several weeks in media and learning more about the day to day tasks that each employee had to accomplish, I found myself questioning whether or not media was the area I really wanted to focus on. Although every member of the media team worked exceptionally hard every day, I struggled to find the passion and interest in media that I thought I would have. I wanted to be more creative rather than going by the numbers. Therefore, I asked my supervisor to set up a job shadowing afternoon in the public relations department. I was very thankful to have the opportunity to explore a different department within the agency that required more multi-tasking and creative thinking. I truly value my experience in the media department because I not only learned a tremendous amount about working at an agency in the real world but it also challenged me to explore other career opportunities and departments within the agency.

Reflecting upon my experience at Brunner, I left work some days feeling frustrated after not having enough work and other days I wanted to go to bed immediately after work because I was so exhausted. Overall, I feel honored to have been able to intern at such a prestigious agency like Brunner. I could tell that every employee had earned their spot at the agency and worked hard to get where they were. I learned an incredible amount about media and I also learned that media might not be everything that I expected it to be. I am so thankful to have had this experience early on in my college career in order to adjust the direction of my career path.

Not only was today a HUGE day for me at work but my sister is currently in labor with my 1st nephew 4 hours away in Toledo! I’m really bummed that I’m not there to see the little bundle of joy when he arrives but I couldn’t be more excited to become an aunt!


My sister with a smile on her face after her epidural


One thought on “My Last Days as a Brunner Intern

  1. Hi! I’m looking into an internship with Brunner this spring. May I ask, was this a paid internship, and how has your career progressed since? Was it worth it?

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