The Family gets crazy in Pittsburgh

This past weekend my Mom, 2 aunts and Grandma came to visit me in Pittsburgh. At first, they were overwhelmed by the big city and the crazy drivers. By the end of their visit, I managed to convert them to Pittsburgh fans!

We had such a hilarious, frustrating and heartwarming time. We did everything from walking in a 5k to honor the disease my grandpa passed away from to sampling numerous (probably too many) flavors of Martinis!

Here’s a quick snapshot of our whirlwind weekend in Pittsburgh:

The Family on Grandview Ave.

One of the 1st  things we did was tour my summer house and check out the view from Mount Washington. They weren’t fans of the hike  up the mountain. Nothing like the flat lands of NW Ohio.

Walking a 5k for Grandpa

Saturday morning we walked in the 2nd annual Violet Rippy 5k for Pulmonary Fibrosis. My grandpa passed away from the disease several years ago. Despite a few tears, we shared some special moments together on our walk.

Seviche for dinner

Saturday evening we dined at a Latin-American inspired restaurant called Seviche. Not only the best peach sangria I’ve ever tasted but also some great, unique food.

Next, we saw Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women in the Cultural District downtown. We got discount tickets because I’m a poor college kid 🙂 The play had us laughing for an hour and a half straight!

Outside the theater

We finished our night at Olive and Twist and tried some crazy martini flavors including cake batter, cookie dough, fruit loop, s’more and chocolate covered pretzel!

Sampling our martinis

Although my family can sometimes get on my nerves, I’m stuck with them so might as well love ’em. I had a great weekend showing them around the city and introducing them to new things!

Now on to finish up my last week as an intern at Brunner and my last week as a newcomer to Pittsburgh.


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