Week 3: Adventures in Pittsburgh

I can’t believe June is over already and I’ve already been in Pittsburgh for 3 weeks. I can’t help sharing all the great adventures I’ve been on.

Last Friday night my friend and roommate at Ohio University came to visit me. We attended a very rainy but totally worth it FREE Delta Spirit concert.


ImageMy friends Anna and Kenzie at the Delta Spirit concert

Saturday night I visited Lawrenceville to watch a fireworks show. From my experience there, there are some “unique” characters to say the least!


Lawrenceville Fireworks


I spent my Sunday at Ohiopyle State Park. They have natural water slides, beautiful cascades and waterfalls as well as white water rafting. We hiked through forests in our bikinis, bruised up our bums on the water slides and scraped up our feet on the rocks. Let’s just say we weren’t the most prepared for our little adventure but we all made it out alive. That’s all that matters right?


Ohiopyle State Park

The Park was absolutely beautiful and the water was so refreshing on a 90 degree day.


Basking in the beauty of nature

After a long day of hiking, swimming and sliding, we topped off our day with dinner. I enjoyed a delicious crab-crusted salmon dish that I thought was $14. Low and behold, it ended up costing me upwards of $30. Oh well, you live and you learn right?

Another adventure-filled weekend and now I’m enjoying my shortened 4th of July work week 🙂


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