Big City Girl


I want to dedicate my first post to my experiences so far in Pittsburgh. I’m a media intern at Brunner, an advertising agency located in that black building all the way to the left in the photo above. I’ve just completed my first week of the internship and everything’s going really well. My desk overlooks the river and I’m already learning a ton.

Not only am I in Pittsburgh to intern but I’m here to explore and bask in the beauties of Pittsburgh. I’m a girl who loves to explore and discover new things so living in a new city excites me.

Here are few things I’ve experienced so far:

1. Sat on the top of Mount Washington and gazed at the Pittsburgh skyline. Both during the day and at night

2. Rode an incline up and down the side of a mountain to work and back.

3. Froze my butt off at work everyday as I watched jetskiers, boaters and tubers drive by on the river. (Now I have a blanket at my desk)

4. Attended a free Matt Nathanson concert with a friend and enjoyed the fancy hor d’ouevres and intimate setting.

5. Met an old man who thought I was training for a marathon

6. Met a lovely family from Florida on the incline

7. Went to Market Square to have lunch and watch a hot dog eating contest.

8. Went on a Just Ducky tour (The tour starts on land and goes into the river!)

Pittsburgh Fun Fact: There are 446 bridges within the city limits!


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